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Wyandotte County

Achievement Pins and Scholarships

Achievement Awards

Individual Achievement plans are offered to assist members in designing a yearly program for themselves which· takes optimum advantage of the 4-H experiences available. Achievement awards recognize the accomplishments earned by 4-Hers and awarded yearly during the annual Achievement Night Celebration at the end of the 4-H year. Applications due by October 1, and to be turned in with youth Record Books to the Extension Office.

The achievement plans offered are:

                Plan         Recommended Ages

Membership              Age 7

Bronze                     Age 8

Clover                      Age 9

Emerald                   Age I 0

Silver                       Age 11

Silver Guard             Age 12

Leadership               Age 13

Gold                        Age 14

Gold Guard               Age 15


The 4-H member can only receive one pin a year. Members are able to select the achievement plan most appropriate to their skill level. A member who joins 4-H at age 12 could begin working on the Silver Pin rather than beginning with the Bronze. However, the membership pin can only be awarded upon completion ofthe first year in 4-H. It is possible for members who join when they are older to pick up easier awards after completing more difficult ones ifthey chose to do so.

 The tasks required for each award gradually become more difficult and increase in number each year. In addition, the focus of achievement for each year moves from local club work for beginning awards to county, state, regional and national activities for more experienced members.

The achievement award plan is designed for members to earn a pin a year. The gold pin and the gold guard can only be received after the leadership and silver guard pins have been received.

State 4-H Scholarships

The Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application Form is to be used for all Kansas scholarships. A member only needs to submit ONEapplication. The scholarships are for high school seniors and some are for college undergraduates. The Scholarship Application Form, can be found below. Applications are to be submitted to the Extension Office by January 15.

2019-2020 Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application~ Due to local office by January 15th. If after hours drop off, please place in well-marked envelope and place in mail slot.

2019 List of Available State Scholarships 

Vanier Family Scholarship link- Please check back in late Jan. 2019 for updates

Local 4-H Scholarships

Dion Fezzell Memorial Scholarship - Applications are due to the Extension Office by January 15

The Irene and L.N. Hart 4-H Memorial College Scholarship- Applications are due to the Extension Office by January 15

Wyandotte County Fair Foundation Scholarship - Applications due to Wyandotte County Fair Foundation by February 15

Wyandotte County Farm Bureau Scholarships- Applications due to Wyandotte County Farm Bureau by 5 p.m. April 1, 2019

Wyandotte County 4-H Council Scholarships - Applications due on ongoing basis. Please contact, Debra Sweeten, 4-H Program Assistant, dsweeten@ksu.edu

Valley Feed & Supply Company- Applications due to WyCo Ext. Office Or Valley Feed & Supply. Contact Matt at Valley Feed for any questions. 913-422-4088, mlaipple@valleyfeedsupply.com

Jessie Carr
4-H Youth Development Agent
913-299-9300 ext. 105

Debra Sweeten
4-H Youth Development Program Assistant
913-299-9300 ext. 116