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Wyandotte County

4-H Club Resources and Forms

Welcome to the 4-H Club Resources and Forms page! This page is dedicated to ensuring our club leaders and volunteers have access to materials in order to have the best 4-H leadership position. Please find below forms that clubs will need to utilize throughout the year.

Annual 4-H Club Forms 

Submit annual forms to KSRE WyCo 4-H staff by the due dates shown below.

Due October 1

  • 4-H Club Organizational Form - Newly elected officer’s names, designated 4-H Council Representatives and alternates, and the rest of the form must be filled out and submitted; if not submitted, votes will not be allowed from that club during WyCo 4-H Council meetings.(Word) (PDF)

Due November 1

  • 4-H Club and Project Financial Review Forms - 4-H Clubs, Projects or groups who have a bank account or eIN number, need to annually complete a Financial Review.  Notice, the treasurer and check signers cannot be the reviewers. This specific review form must be used, as it is the only financial review form approved by Kansas State University. (PDF)
  • 4-H Club Treasurer's Record Book - 4-H Club Treasurer must use the 4-H Treasurer's Record Book throughout the year and submit it annually. (PDF)
  • 4-H Club Secretary's Meeting Minutes - 4-H Club Secretary is to use the 4-H Secretary's Record Book throughout the year and submit it annually. (PDF)
  • 4-H Club By-Law Reviews - Newly elected Club President, along with Club Leader and others in the club must review the club's bylaws annually. Copies of the reviewed or revised By-laws, signed and dated by the reviewers and by the newly elected Club President and Club Leader are to be submitted.

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Jessie Carr
4-H Youth Development Agent
913-299-9300 ext. 105