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Wyandotte County

4-H Club Resources and Forms

Welcome to the 4-H Club Resources and Forms page! This page is dedicated to ensuring our club leaders and volunteers have access to materials in order to have the best 4-H leadership position. Please find below forms that clubs will need to utilize throughout the year.

4-H Project Leaders

4-H Clubs 

Annual 4-H Forms Due November 1

  • 4-H Club and Project Financial Review Forms - 4-H Clubs, Projects or groups who have a bank account or E-IN number are required to complete a financial review each year. (PDF)
  • 4-H Club Organizational Form - Newly elected officer's names, club leader and meeting information should be documented on this form.(PDF)
  • 4-H Club By-Law Reviews - Club By-laws should be reviewed every 2 years unless updated in the current year.  Copies of the reviewed or revised by-laws, signed and dated by the reviewers and by the newly elected Club President and Club Leader.