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Wyandotte County

4-H Projects in Wyandotte County

So you have decided to be a part of Wyandotte County 4-H, now you get to pick the projects, or subjects, you want to learn about! If you are a first year 4-Her, we recommend choosing one or two projects to focus on. Keep track of your expenses, leadership, citizenship and community service participation and have an awesome record book at the end of the 4-H year!

Wyandotte County 4-H Project Leaders

Under "Downloads" is a list of currently designated Project Leaders for several countywide projects in our program. Feel free to contact them with any questions you may have on being involved. This is updated as new leaders join our program and accept the role as project leader.

Want to Be a Project Leader?

Do you have a passion for a specific subject area and want to share that with youth in Wyandotte County? Check out the 4-H Project Leader Job Description for a better idea of what you might do as a Project Leader. Feel free to contact 4-H Program Assistant, Debra Sweeten with any questions on how to get involved.