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Wyandotte County

Volunteer Resources

Do you have a passion for a specific subject area and want to share that with youth in Wyandotte County? If so, then we would love to have you be a registered volunteer in Wyandotte County 4-H! 


Our 4-H program is successful due to our volunteers from throughout the community who help provide positive environments, relationships and educational experiences through the experiential, or hands-on, learning model. Our volunteers are required by Kansas State University to complete a Criminal Background Check as well as a Department of Family Services background check, to ensure the safety of our youth. 

Updating the 4-H Volunteer Enrollment Process

Beginning in the 2019-2020 4-H program year, the 4-H Volunteer process has been streamlined.  When 4-H Volunteers enroll through 4HOnline the process will take the place of what once was the volunteer application and then reenrollment forms.  Once volunteers enter their information in the system, they will simply have to reenroll each year, the same way youth currently do through 4HOnline.  For a step by step tutorial please visit the 4HOnline Family Resources page and view the “Enrollment Guide for Volunteers”.