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Wyandotte County

Virtual 4-H Camp

While an online camp cannot replicate the fun we all have during 4-H Camp at Rock Springs, we hope to provide a unique experience
for our camp participants that highlights the best of camp! During our time together, we will make crafts, learn about Kansas 4-H and sing our classic campfire songs. In addition to the live sessions, there will be pre-recorded sessions provided on the Johnson and Wyandotte County K-State Research and Extension webpages to view. During the pre-recorded sessions, campers will learn about 4-H and Kansas facts and also complete a hands-on craft activity. 
  • Registration: Via Google Forms https://forms.gle/cGWgFNYjCz6Xhn168
  • Registration closes: July 6th
  • Dates:
    • July 13th and 14th for 3rd and 4th Grade
    • July 15th and 16th for 5th and 6th Grade 
  • Time: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. each night
  • Location: Zoom


Jessie Carr
4-H Youth Development Agent
913-299-9300 ext. 105

Debra Sweeten
4-H Youth Development Program Assistant
913-299-9300 ext. 116