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Discover 4-H Clubs

Wyandotte County 4-H is excited to bring this NEW model of 4-H programming to Wyandotte County youth! Discover 4-H Clubs provide a way to help volunteers feel successful in leading a variety of 4-H programming topics through a user-friendly, organized, modern and in-depth program. The learning topics are endless with Discover 4-H Clubs and are six-sessions long with a graduation and culminating event.

4-H sessions topics are available from cakes to cows, to robotics to gardening, to coding and MORE! There is a Discover 4-H Club for everyone in Wyandotte County. If you are interested in a specific topic to bring to your youth-serving agency, school, church or community center please reach out to 4-H Staff and we would be happy to meet with you to get a Discover 4-H Club set up at your site.

Jessie Carr
4-H Youth Development Agent
913-299-9300 ext. 105

Debra Sweeten
4-H Youth Development Program Assistant
913-299-9300 ext. 116