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Wyandotte County

Quarterly Club Leader Trainings

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Wyandotte County 4-H Online Quarterly Club and Project Leader Trainings! We are excited to help empower volunteers to take their community club experiences and the youth of Wyandotte County to new heights through online trainings. Our hope is to be as accessible as possible for 4-H volunteers, provide meaningful conversations, and solutions to challenges alongside our volunteers regarding the community club experience. We do ask all participants complete the survey at the end of the Zoom call to help provide 4-H staff guidance on how we can provide future trainings.

Session 1
Session 1 will help 4-H Club Leaders understand the foundations of building a strong community club, the charter application process, best management practices, and some tips and tricks for making meetings fun for everyone. Join 4-H Staff for fun, interactive and two-way conversations on how we can continue to become an elite 4-H program beginning with our community club experiences.

When: Recorded on Dec. 5
Where: Comforts of your own home, at a ball game or public library via Zoom online meeting application! Users will need to download the Zoom application for free in order
            to access the meeting. Meeting will be recorded and published to the county website for later access.
            • Recorded Meeting Link- https://ksu.zoom.us/j/457618826

End of Session Survey: https://kstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0qyXWZn5KFQCe6p

Session 1 Materials
    • Building Strong Community Clubs-  Powerpoint
    • Building Strong Community Clubs Handout
    • Top 10 Best Community Club Best Practices Handout
    • 4-H Community Club Charter Application Handout
    • 4-H Club Leader Toolbox Handout
    • 4-H Club Meeting Checklist Handout
    • 4-H Club Meeting Guide Handout