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Wyandotte County

4-H Summer Showcase during the Wyandotte County Fair

An annual event where community club 4-H members exhibit an end product of their current 4-H projects for evaluation. Judging is done by a variety of evaluation methods. Exhibitors are awarded purple, blue, red, or white ribbons based upon a judge's decision and the Danish Ribbon System. Purple winners are eligible for State Fair if age requirements are met, and there is a State Fair division for the project. A 4-H Showcase Exhibitor Handbook explaining rules and divisions for 4-H exhibitors is below.

Kansas 4-Her Shares How Preparing for Showcasing Events Teaches Life Skills
Life skills are: Concern for the community, an inquiring mind, sound decision making, healthy interpersonal communications, and a positive self concept



Registration for WyCo 4-H Summer Showcase Entries through FairEntry
May 2 and closes on June 14 at midnight.

 FairEntry Support for Families

Important 4-H Summer Showcase during the Wyandotte County Fair Forms/Guides

Please check with current project leaders or Extension Office if you have any questions on what is needed to participate at the WyCo 4-H Summer Showcase. 

Beef ID Paper

Goat ID Paper

Horse ID Paper - This is an updated form and MUST be used. 

Sheep ID Paper

Swine ID Paper

Photography Prep Manual

Clothing Division Pre-Registration Forms

Photography Information Form

Fruit and Vegetable Showcasing Guide- NEW

4-H Grievance Form

Accident Report

2019 Kansas State Fair Declaration Forms