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Wyandotte County

4-H Summer Showcase during the Wyandotte County Fair

An annual event where 4-H'ers exhibit an end product of their current 4-H projects for evaluation. Judging is done by a variety of evaluation methods. Exhibitors are awarded purple, blue, red, or white ribbons based upon a judge's decision and the Danish Ribbon System. Purple winners are eligible for State Fair if age requirements are met, and there is a State Fair division for the project. A 4-H Showcase Exhibitor Handbook explaining rules and divisions for 4-H exhibitors is below.

Kansas 4-Her Shares How Preparing for Showcasing Events Teaches Life Skills
Life skills are: Concern for the community, an inquiring mind, sound decision making, healthy interpersonal communications, and a positive self concept

 2018-2019 4-H Showcase Exhibitor Handbook Now Available!

 FairEntry Support for Families

Important 4-H Summer Showcase during the Wyandotte County Fair Forms/Guides

Please check with current project leaders or Extension Office if you have any questions on what is needed to participate at the county fair. 

Beef ID Paper

Goat ID Paper

Horse ID Paper - This is an updated form and MUST be used. 

Sheep ID Paper

Swine ID Paper

Photography Prep Manual

4-H Grievance Form

Accident Report


Judging Score Sheets for 4-H projects can be found at the the K-State website here