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Wyandotte County

Master Gardener


A diverse group of individuals who have completed the Extension Master Gardener horticulture curriculum offered by K-State Research & Extension.

Extension Master Gardeners continue to "grow" in their horticulture knowledge by attending monthly research based training sessions and field trips.

Extension Master Gardeners are not necessarily gardening experts, but share a passion for gardening.  They have a desire to learn and a willingness to use the acquired knowledge and skills to help others.

The Wyandotte County Extension Master Gardeners devote volunteer hours within the community by participation in educational programs such as; demonstration gardens, gardening workshops, horticulture hotline, speaking engagements, youth programs, and more.

See our brochure here for more information on the Extension Master Gardener program.

How to Become a Master Gardener?

Are you interested in becoming a Master Gardener?  Fall classes are mid-September through mid-November, on Tuesdays, 9 AM to 4 PM.   The cost of the course is $125.  Applications for the 2017 class are DUE September 15.

Master Gardener candidates receive over 40 hours of basic horticulture training. Courses are taught by the experts in their field.  All are K-State Research & Extension Specialists or other qualified professionals.

Click Here for Application and Training Agreement


Master Gardener Projects

2017 Advisory Board: 

Linda Lockwood
Vice President: 
Kim Wetzel-Williams 
Debra Sweeten 
Mitch Mellott
Members At Large: 
Don Crim
Mary Cronn
Sarah Heppler
Les Lemmon
Sara Niemann
Terry Thiele
Janet Winkler




May 5th 9am - 5pm

May 6th 9am - 2pm

WYCO Extension Office - Wildcat Room